About Us


...is a movement for change amongst Indian farmers, consumers and the government to ensure that all Indians have access to safe food. This movement is being spearheaded by ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture), an informal network of hundreds of organizations across India.

Today, Indian agriculture consumes toxic chemicals which end up contaminating various natural resources and our food. Further, an equally hazardous technology in the form of genetic modification (GM) of our crops is increasingly being forced upon us as well. Evidence world over shows that pesticide use has increased with GM technology. The unacceptable part of this situation is that governments have allowed these toxins in our farming and food, even while there is enough and more evidence and experience on the ground to show that farming can indeed be taken up profitably without the use of such chemicals or GM crops.

India For Safe Food seeks to create awareness amongst all citizens about the ill-effects of chemical pesticides and other toxins in our food, how change is indeed possible and gets citizens to make the government responsible for ensuring access to safe food for all.

Come, join the movement!