Know Your Food


  • Avoid using pesticides for household pest control. There are several alternatives that one can try out.

  • Grow your own vegetables in whatever little space you might have in your balcony, in the courtyard, on the terrace etc. through organic methods and practices.

  • When you buy vegetables from the market, make sure that you wash the vegetables for reducing the possibility of pesticide residues on the outer surface (systemic poisons that have been sprayed cannot be addressed by this); for many fruits and vegetables, removing the outer skin and layers is one way of reducing some of the residues.

  • However, the way to avoid pesticide residues is opt for organic foods. Organic foods are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic need not necessarily mean expensive, certified organic. You can, along with your friends, help a group of farmers shift to organic cultivation, without expensive certification procedures coming in the way, by creating a direct interaction with the farmers. You can even think of advancing financial support for the operational costs of the farmers, in return for assured and preferred safe food. More and more people demanding organic foods in their regular markets would push back changes at the farm level. Do not hesitate to pay a little more for such high-quality produce – you might very well end up spending greater amounts on medical treatment otherwise!

  • The larger change will however be possible only if we can all collectively put pressure on the government to promote and incentivise organic farming amongst our farmers. Be part of that movement. Join INDIA FOR SAFE FOOD. Spread awareness about ill effects of pesticides and possibilities with organic farming.